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Lumentum is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products enabling optical networking and laser applications worldwide. Lumentum optical components and subsystems are part of virtually every type of telecom, enterprise, and data center network. Lumentum lasers enable advanced manufacturing techniques and diverse applications, including next-generation 3D sensing capabilities. Lumentum is headquartered in San Jose, California, with R&D, manufacturing, and sales offices worldwide.


As a leader in photonics, Lumentum’s solutions touch a wide range of modern and next-generation technology from automobiles to smart TVs. Our success is based on innovation and adaptability, and diverse leadership teams foster those qualities.  Aside from being morally right, diverse teams and inclusive workspaces push the boundaries of creativity and keep Lumentum competitive.


Lumentum is committed to the hiring, promoting, and retaining leaders from underrepresented backgrounds.  That’s why we are taking a progressive look at the hiring and jobs process in ways that not only expand search to new geographies but change how job descriptions are drafted and how candidates are identified.  To maximize a diversified pool of qualified candidates, our recruiters work closely with managers to broaden their view for what skills and experience are truly needed to succeed in an open role and expand geographies where candidates are sought to ensure a diversified candidate pool. Positions will not be filled until a diverse slate of candidates has been vetted equitably through a balanced team of interviewers.


Being in the company of the most creative and innovative organizations globally, we hope to work together to synthesize best practices and create the gold standard blueprint for companies that want to invest in diversifying their leadership teams.



As the first person hired to the role of Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with the San Francisco 49ers, Christina Jefferson has hit the ground running. Whether she is working on employee resource groups, collaborating with the marketing team, or working on supplier diversity, she’s found a helpful mantra inspired by Bruce Lee: “Be like water.” Rather than staying in a silo, as Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Jefferson is involved in multiple parts of the 49ers organization, her efforts flowing to where they are needed the most. 


A longtime fan of the football team, Jefferson joined the 49ers organization in April 2021 following six years with Sephora, where she led the company-wide diversity and inclusion initiative. A Midwesterner, she earned her B.S. from the University of Southern Indiana and her Masters in Human Resource Management from Golden Gate University. Jefferson said she took the job because was confident that she would have the support needed to do her best work and bring equity to the forefront.

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Vice President and Chief Talent and Diversity Officer

Chuwanda Thigpen

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““I think that I bring something that a lot of other people don't bring because I bring experiences of being a woman of color, being a queer woman of color, and being someone who also brings my Jewishness to the to the conversation. I just see things in different ways.”

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